Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar eclipse photographs taken at the Cabrillo National Monument

My 3 photo buddies (Terry, CJ & Rich) and I drove up to the Cabrillo National Monument last night to enjoy the lunar eclipse.  We arrived a bit early and waited in line for the special 6 pm opening, parked  and easily found a place to set up our tripods.  It was a fun evening sharing this with friends.   For other special after-hour events, follow the link here:   Friends of Cabrillo National Monument

Just a few of the photographs I took last night.
First sighting.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Home again.

Back from a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia with good friends Terry Myers, CJ Middendorf & Rich Baker.   Lots of photos to process, but wanted to share just one of my (many) favorites from the trip.

My overall impressions of Nova Scotia --  colorful fishing harbors, lush green countrysides,  friendly people, and food, oh, the good food!   Favorite meal probably was the scallops, gently pan fried in garlic and butter.  Sorry, no photos of the meal -- I just started eating & couldn't stop  LOL

And, of course, good company, it was fun touring around with CJ & Rich.  Terry & I drove our own car & either followed their path or met up with them for a dinner.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Birthday celebrations ...

Before posting any photos from my Nova Scotia trip (they are coming ... )  I wanted to share a bit about part of  my birthday celebration.  It was 9/8, the day before leaving for Nova Scotia.

It started with a telephone call from David duChemin -- Yes! "that"   David duChemin    
I was lucky enough to win an hour consultation with him simply by purchasing one of his eBooks that I wanted (Making the Image).  The purchase entered me into a drawing & I won!    I've followed his work for many years via his blogs, photographs and books, and continue to greatly admire his work and philosophy.  

So, to have his time and attention for one hour -- overwhelming &  amazing!   The process prior to the phone call was a lesson in itself, forcing me to take a hard look on my photographs, culling out just eight  that I wanted him to critique, then thinking about goals for my photography.  This is probably something I should do annually anyway, but have never really taken the time.  Nothing like pressure from a phone call!   I'm still processing the information, and luckily was sent an audio recording of his comments so I can listen to our conversation when I need direction in my photography.  What a way to start my birthday!  

Thank you David duChemin for the gift of your time and knowledge.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Maritime Museum of San Diego, Festival of Sail

I enjoyed sailing on the s/v Jada for the Tall Ship Parade this past Friday.   The parade was led by the newly-launched San Salvador.   For more information about this remarkable vessel  go to the Maritime Museum web site

Of course I took a few photos while in the parade and will be posting over the next few days.  Enjoy!  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience sailing in the parade, and the s/v Jada made it all that more exciting --  Emy Yeazell and Leandria Williams, don't you agree?  

On the Jada, Carole passing out snacks and drinks.


The American Pride 
The Jada is a local boat, so if you have a celebration coming up, what better way to celebrate than aboard this gorgeous boat.

The Curlew is from Dana Point

The American Pride is from Long Beach and information on sailing with them can be found here: