Friday, December 27, 2013

More whale watching photos

More whale watching photos from our afternoon with Adventure R.I.B. Rides.   Cap'n Ray told us that the gray whale has two blowholes (vs the humpback with one).  Their spout (or blow) can reach up to 15 feet, and their blow is heart-shaped!     I really felt lucky to have captured one of the blows at the right time to show the heart-shape.   Didn't realize it until I saw it on my computer screen.  So very  happy to have this photo!

Disclaimer:  This heart-shaped "blow" was NOT Photoshopped.  I just cropped the photo & sharpened a bit, but nothing else was changed.

As we headed back in, we cruised by the bait barge & saw the sea lions & birds hanging out.  Grabbed this photo of the pelican as it was thermoregulating  -- follow the link for  more info about this behavior.

Whale watching today!

My sister & brother-in-law are here from Reno & wanted to go whale watching.  We went with Adventures R.I.B. Rides based in  Harbor Island.   The cool thing about this trip was the small boat & only 6 passengers.   Captain Ray gave us a good ride & we saw many gray whales.  This sequence shows the gray whale diving.  You can also see the "footprint" made as they start their dive -- that's the very smooth part of the water in the lower part of the photo.

Posting just a few tonight, ready for bed after being out all afternoon on the water.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sunset last night

I'm excited because I've found a pretty good place to photograph sunsets that's just 5-10 minutes away from my house.    This was taken last night.

I was on the Piedras Pintadas Trail  & will definitely be going back &  explore all of it during the daylight.   It's just one small part of the San Dieguito River Park area, including a "Coast to Crest Trail".

Friday, December 6, 2013

Morning in my garden

I've been braving the cold mornings (well cold for San Diego) and going outside in the garden with my camera.   My property goes up to the purple flowers (Mexican Sage), that gorgeous rock is on my neighbor's property.   Thanks to  Laura Eubanks, an amazing landscape designer.  Check out her web site   Design for Serenity.