Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Botanic Gardens, two more photos

The photo of the mongoose was luck -- these little critters are fast and it surprised me.    I had seen them off and on over over a period of a few days and usually while we were driving down the road.  So to have it jump out and run in front of me -- LUCK!    Here it is.  


I really liked the huge tree trunks we saw --  and several had grown around huge rocks like this one.   I loved the textures in the bark, rock and plants,   Can't hep but wonder how old they are and how many people have walked by them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens, Hilo

One of the highlights for me on this trip to Hawaii was an afternoon in the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens .  It's located abaout 4 miles north of Hilo -- a beautiful drive along the ocean until we reached the parking lot.   It's hard to describe this little part of paradise, walking along a pathway under towering palms, ferns, philodendron plants (and I don't mean towering just a few feet, probably  more like 3 stories high!).  

Here are a few of my favorite shots so far -- I still have many other photos to look through.
Entry into the gardens.  

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The photo to the right (red & green) is of a bamboo.  I neglected to photograph the name, but with the database on the web site, will be able to eventually get the name.  Meanwhile, wanted to post it.   I was thrilled to see the plant.

 The common name of this plane is Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys).  This was the first flowering plant we saw as we parked the car!  Both Kerrie & I jumped out to photograph it.  I foolishly said "oh, lets look for it in the park itself."   Well, we did, and didn't see one.  This beautiful specimen was just along the roadside & parking lot!  

The final photograph is of a Rose Grape (Medinilla magnifica).  It grows to about 8 feet and has these beautiful flowers.   We saw these as we entered the gate.  Wow, and we haven't even gotten in the front gate yet.  

More to come.   If you are in the Hilo area, I highly recommend taking the time to visit the gardens.   Kerrie & I spent 4 hours here and could have stayed longer, but they garens were closing.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hawaii -- The Big Island

Here I am, soaking up the sun on the beach!  (If my dermatologist is reading, NOT!)   Kerrie & I were on the beach in front our hotel in Kona.

That calm water was just waiting for us ... with a borrowed underwater camera (thanks Dave & Barb) I was able to take a few photos during my  snorkeling experience here.  We were on the beach in front of our hotel & I was comfortable entering the water (it's been a year since I was snorkeling so this was perfect -- no waves, no volcanic stones, just a nice sandy beach) and I took the camera.  Initially I dropped it, but quickly found it (phew!).   Snapped a LOT of photos, but ended up with just these two I was happy with.  The snorkeling was terrific, waters warm, lots to see.  99% of my photos didn't turn out, but I was happy with these.   Maybe I should take up Scuba in order to take great photos.  Nancy, Bill & Susan:  what do you think?????  

That's me!!!!!

Yellow tangs.  The photo doesn't show the numbers I saw.  Gorgeous!