Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blacksmith in Las Trancas

After learning how to make tortillas from our wonderful cook, Yolanda, as our group was moving outside, I got in a little closer to her to take one last photograph of the tortillas.   There were a few other photographers still in kitchen area also, and Yolanda invited us to see her son, the blacksmith.    It was a nice surprise, one we hadn't expected.  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Round up time ...

The Hacienda has horses available for riders and they are fun to photograph both  in their pens or out in the corral.  One day we were able to get photographs of a "round-up".  The burros  wanted none of the action, and tried to stay in the far end of the corral, but were finally included.  Here are a few of my photos from the round-up.   

Burro trying to stay away from the action. 

Didn't work ... back to the group.

Pat was trying to say thank you ... 
Horse wasn't interested in thank you scratches ...  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Mexico!

A few photos while wandering through the Hacienda.   Besides admiring the plants in the lush garden areas, I fell in love with all the wonderful textures on the walls.   Each bedroom has a different color scheme used, different textures and detail added in each of the rooms.   The inside and outside of the Hacienda provided the background for these plants.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I just returned from a wonderful trip to Mexico, and decided it was time to do a blog post (vs. Facebook).  I've shared a few images on Facebook, but will be sharing more here as I process my photos.   Hope you'll enjoy the wonderful "Hacienda Experience" with me as I post my photos.

Thanks to my friends CJ Middendorf & Rich Baker, I was invited to Eddie Soloway's  "Hacienda Experience."   We flew to Leon, Mexico, met up with our mutual friend June White (from Phoenix)  then were bused to Las Trancas and a bit of paradise here.   

The Hacienda Las Trancas  was our home for a week, and what a week.   Time to slow down, enjoy photography talk & shooting, great food and more slowing down, more photography, more food.  Margaritas and guacamole at 6 pm every day at the Hacienda, then dinner.  Life is good!  

Here's the start of our Hacienda Experience.   We pulled up to the entrance, unloaded people and luggage, then on to our rooms.   

Hacienda Las Trancas 
This is the courtyard,  with beautiful garden areas on either side, and our  rooms surrounding this beauty.     

Center walkway

Plenty of areas here & there to sit and visit with new friends.   It is just as comfy as it looks.  
One of the sitting areas.