Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not just a succulent garden ...

When I moved to San Diego and was getting settled in my new house/yard, a friend from NoCal gifted me with some iris rhizomes.  Kathy raises them in her garden and was very generous with her beautiful iris.

So thank you Kathy --  here's a photo of "your" iris, the first one to bloom this year.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First day of Spring in my garden.

The cranes are in my garden, looking for their resting place & enjoying San Diego weather.  Last year Laura Eubanks added succulent "feathers"  to my rusty old cranes.  They were gorgeous!   The winter was hard on them, though:   one was knocked down by a raccoon (my guess), limbs from a palm tree knocked another one down, they lost their "feathers"and were very sad-looking birds.  So I got to work!  

Here they are after their "spa" day in my patio.

Check out Laura's web site at www.designforserenity.com

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shane's photos

It was Shane's turn for a sleep-over at Grandma's house.  We started out at the San Diego Zoo for the early entry (members) at 8 AM.   The keepers were at the polar bear exhibit & Shane opted for the bus ride up there (vs walking or Sky Tram).  We sat on the top of the bus & enjoyed the ride up.  He was shooting quite a bit from the bus.  Found a good spot at the polar bear site & photographed a bit there too.  He was having fun selecting the right setting on his P&S camera (Toy Camera vs. Vivid vs. regular).     Hamburgers for lunch & then home to Grandma's house.

I downloaded his photos to my computer & showed him how to view in Bridge (Photoshop).  He quickly learned how to select favorites, few processing items (crop, sharpen, etc) & save to his folder we created.   I asked if I could post 3 from his day & he said "OK Grandma, if you give me credit."    Gotta love this kid!

So here they are:

 Thanks Shane for a great day at the SD Zoo.